As a creativity and innovation researcher, educator and executive coach, I’m ideally placed to bring insight and inspiration to your next event. I tailor my talks to suit audiences from 10 to 1,000 based on my research and two decades of industry experience. I share powerful stories which show how individuals, groups and organisations can optimise creativity and improve their innovation effectiveness.

I’ve spoken around the world from North America to Asia and across Europe at conferences, seminars and events. Below are some sample topics. Please get in touch if you’d like to schedule me to talk or to discuss a customised presentation for your organisation.

Standing out while fitting it

Having a stand out product or service is something every company desires. But if your offer is too novel then common psychological biases mean your potential customers may struggle to grasp its value. Building on research into social norms and creativity,  Rachael will show you how to position innovation in a way so others easily comprehend your offer and its worth.

Recognising Breakthrough Ideas

In a world where innovation is a significant driver of competitive advantage, one critical skill is recognising promising ideas.  But what if your best ideas are being lost? Rachael shares the ways in which creative ideas for new processes, products and services are being censored, overlooked and dismissed within your organisation right now and what you can do to recognise them instead.

The courage to innovate

Your employees have lots of bright ideas. But how do you encourage them to share them with others without fear of ridicule or embarrassment? Rachael shares why releasing ideas into the world requires vulnerability and courage. She gives employees the tools they need to create space for ideas to grow, build resilience so they can take on board feedback and gain the confidence to promote their ideas.

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