Ever had your idea rejected? Here’s why. Rachael’s TEDxTalk

Have you ever shared an idea and received a negative response? Only to feel frustrated when later someone presents the same idea and people love it? Dr Rachael Lamb shares her research into how creative ideas are evaluated and gain acceptance and explores why some ideas are destined for recognition – and others are not.

Sharing stories from her recent fieldwork and research, she shares how the recognition of creativity is literally a ‘re-cognition’; as we ‘recall to mind’ whether an idea fits with our existing social norms. She also shares three simple strategies you can use to gain acceptance and overcome resistance for your own ideas. 

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The three types of bias harming your innovation performance

I’m often asked what organisations can do to generate more creative ideas. Now, this is a valid question because the more creative ideas an organisation generates then the greater the possibility there will be some which can be successfully implemented, create value and increase competitive advantage. But it’s only one part of the solution. When we dive deeper into the innovation practices of the organisation, it’s generally not a problem with ideation they are experiencing; it’s a problem with evaluation.

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