Whether it’s to empower people, improve efficiency, increase profits or explore new markets, we can work with you and your organisation to deliver courses that are at the forefront of business teaching. We offer:

  • tailored solutions that meet the strategic challenges of individuals and organisations
  • a range of flexible learning solutions
  • expertise in entrepreneurship and innovation to drive businesses and organisations forward
  • a broad range of international knowledge and experience

Our Executive Education courses are current, relevant and reflect real world business practice. We are leaders in:


Innovation Management

This course is designed to develop an understanding of the relationship between entrepreneurial practices and innovative outcomes within organisations. This includes how strategy, structure, processes and culture interact to enhance or inhibit innovation. Participants will learn how to diagnose strengths and weaknesses in entrepreneurial practices and recommend changes in practice to support innovations in product, process or business model.

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Entrepreneurship and Creativity

This course is designed to provide an insight into the nature of entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation in theory and practice. Participants will be expected to apply the relevant theory presented on the course in a simulated entrepreneurial environment – Ingenuity Online™. This provides participants with the opportunity to investigate and experience the processes involved in creative problem-solving, alongside the generation, assessment, and pitching of ideas. 

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Evaluating Creativity

This course has been developed to explore the biases, blocks and barriers which underlie assessments and evaluations of creativity at the front end of the innovation process. Participants will learn how to identify common cognitive, social and contextual assumptions and heuristics which, if ignored, lead to the reproduction of the status quo and hinder more radical and disruptive innovation outcomes.

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