Whether it’s to empower people, improve efficiency, increase profits or explore new markets, I can work with you and your organisation to deliver courses that are at the forefront of business teaching. The Haydn Green Institute is a leader in Executive Education courses which are current, relevant and reflect real world business practice.


Innovation Management

Develop your understanding of the relationship between entrepreneurial practices and innovative performance. You’ll learn how to diagnose your organisation’s strengths and weaknesses and recommend changes to support innovations in product, process or business model.

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Entrepreneurship and Creativity

Designed to provide an insight into the nature of entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation in theory and practice. You’ll use our signature software – Ingenuity Online™ to experience creative problem-solving, plus generate, assess and pitch your ideas. 

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Evaluating Early Innovation

Explore the biases and barriers which underlie the evaluation of ideas at the fuzzy front end of the innovation process. You’ll learn how to identify common assumptions which, if ignored, hinder the development of  radical and disruptive innovation outcomes.

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